A Bridge Between C++ and Lisp


cl-autowrap (and c2ffi that it uses) is a much better version of the same basic idea. The authors suggest to use cl-autowrap instead of Verrazano.


Verrazano is a bindings generator targetting Common Lisp. It is designed to have robust support for C and C++ header files, by using GCC-XML as its parser, and to be easily retargettable to a number of different foreign function interfaces. Currently, Verrazano is in development as part of the Google Summer of Code (SoC).

For those of you who came here looking for Fetter, well, you've found it! My Google SoC mentor, Mr. Kenny Tilton, felt that a name that evoked images of incarceration was perhaps too unmarketable :)

Getting Started

Interested in using Verrazano? See the Introduction and Orientation page!

News & Updates

Projet Status

The following is a roadmap of the short-term technical goals of the project, in descending-priority order. Any input that would help in assigning appropriate priorities is welcome on the mailing list.

Mailing Lists


Source Code Access

You can browse the repository or check out with

darcs get --partial
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